Silent & Hindi Talkie Film Index

1913 - 2012

[Silent - 1913 to 1934   &    Talkie - 1931 to 2012]

     In the centenary year celebrations of Indian cinema, a complete index of Hindi (Indian) feature films has been compiled covering the period 1931 to 2012.  By including the titles of silent feature films made in India between 1913 and 1934, a complete index under the title SILENT & HINDI TALKIE FILM INDEX – 1913 to 2012 has been published in 2013 and made available for the music lovers, researchers, archives, recording companies, broadcasting media.  It is also proposed to be updated every year.

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Earlier, an Index of Hindi Films was published under the title HINDI TALKIE FILM INDEX, covering the period 1931 to 1987 and it was being updated frequently by publishing INDEX [Part-II] for the period 1988 onwards.  Last updated Index [Part-II] published in the year 2011, covered the period 1988 to 2010.