(Encyclopaedia of Hindi Film Songs)

     Music lovers of Indian [Hindi] Film Songs may now feel happy and take a sigh of relief to know that if they have been hunting for the  information of Indian [Hindi] Films and its songs with full respective credits, here is the solution provided by the Compiler of Encyclopaedia of Hindi Film Songs.
     Beginning compilation from the advent of Indian [Hindi] talkie films  era  i.e. 1931, decade-wise five volumes of this unique reference  compendium have been published between the period 1980 and 1991 in book form after an extensive research of more than 40 years.  Due to increasing number of Indian (Hindi) feature films produced-censored each year after 1980, it was decided to cover feature films produced-censored in a period of 5 years in each succeeding volumes,  With this planning for forthcoming volumes, Volume-VI [1981-85] has been published in April 2018, to be followed by Volume-VII [1986-90], Volume-VIII [ 1991-95 ], etc.  soon one by one.
     Pending publication of information of songs relating to Hindi feature films censored after 1985, another compilation Hindi Filmography has been published for the period 1986 onwards which covers brief details viz. title, banner, producer, director, music director, lyricist, artists and censor information,  Music lovers are requested to contact the Compiler Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz' or Publisher Mrs.Satinder Kaur  to obtain any/all of the six volumes and some other related books already published.  Please click on  Mukesh Geet Kosh  and/or
Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya, for obtaining details thereof.

Hindi Film Geet Kosh, Volume-VI [1981-85] published in April 2018 !!

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