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(Information for 15,722 songs from 2,119 films, browse or search, 1951-1970)

  1. Blank means we do not have the information.
  2.  Preference is given to information from the film, if available.
  3.  Otherwise, information from 78 rpm, EP, LP records, cassettes and other media is used.
  4.  Any differences between the two are noted in the Remarks.
  5.  Names of actors on screen were obtained by watching more than 1,112 films and 7,827 songs.
  6.  Main singers are listed separately from the others.
  7.  On Screen Other are mainly actors who are sitting or are group dancers.
  8.  If the same voice is used by many people, there names are indicated thus (A, B).
  9.  We have tried to match the voices with faces on screen in the same order.
  10.  People who could not be recognized are indicated thus ---.

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