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Here we will discuss how the information is organized and how to use it.

For searching the website articles, use the Search box on the top right. For searching the database, read on.

Search boxes are provided when you are browsing databases. There are two ways to search. If you put some word in the Search Box, you will get all the items with that word anywhere. More detailed search can be done in Advanced Search.

This is best explained by examples. Let us say you are in the Film Area, you type ‘ghosh’. You will get 25th July and Aandolan, because of the Music Directors. Beware of using too common words like ‘raam’ because this will give you the film Aaraam, as well films with Mansaaraam and Parashuraam in the cast! To avoid this use a space in front, eg ‘ raam’. This will give you only the film Aaraam because of the Asst MD Raam Sinh.

Advanced search works differently. Let use the Song Information as example. Let us say we want to find all the songs which Lataa sang and Hasarat wrote the lyrics. Click on Advanced Search, then click on +Add. You will see a line beginning with Where. Next to it in the drop-down go down to SONG SING. Next in the Condition drop-down, leave it as CONTAINS. Next in the Value type in ‘lataa’. The click an +ADD again, you will get another line. Now find SONG LYRIC, leave the condition as CONTAINS and type ‘hasarat’ in the Value. Click on Apply. If you don’t see it, click on the bottom border of the box until you see an arrow, then drag down. After clicking on Apply, you will see the three songs from Aavaaraa. Be careful about spelling, Typing ‘hasrat’ will not give anything, because we are using Phonetic spelling. However. ‘lata’ will work, because ‘lata’ is contained in ‘lataa’.

You can add more than two lines. And, you can also use other Conditions, such as EQUALS (exact match), BEGINS WITH.

For future reference, here is the phonetic alphabet for Hindi used here.

a aa i ee u oo e ai o au n h

k kh g gh n

ch chh j jh n

t th d dh n

t th d dh n

p ph b bh m

y r l v

sh sh s h ksh tr gy

Urdu letters are kh, gh, z, f